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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  October 12, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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the's cue for the chilian miners is under way. good evening. it's tuesday, october 12th. this is bay area news at 7:00. a federal judge today ordered the u.s. military to stop enforcing its ban on openly gay troops. otherwise, don't ask, don't tell will be abolished. >> reporter: this is ground zero. if the department of justice does appeal, it will come right here to the circuit court of appeals in san francisco. those who have fought against don't ask, don't tell say they
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hope it doesn't come to that and today they are cautiously celebrating. >> so there's photographs of me in the gulf. >> reporter: she served during the clinton administration. >> it's stressful to know that you could lose your job because of who you are. >> reporter: dunning says today's ruling is a major victory. the junction prohibits the military from enforcing don't ask, don't tell worldwide. it violates due process and the first amendment. members of american legion post 448 saluted the ruling. the only gay and lesbian legion post. >> you get in there, do a good job, and serve your country. it just so happens that you become gay or realize that you're gay, you won't be thrown out.
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>> it's also the feeling that we've also been second-class citizens. this is a way to actually verify that we are first-class. we deserve this. >> reporter: gay rights activists say so far more than 14,000 service members have been kicked out of the military because of don't ask, don't tell. if the injunction stands, many of those might reenlist. >> we're in two wars right now. we need all the able bodies folks we can get. i think it's a national security issue. >> reporter: for now, though, gay rights activists are warning service members. it's better to not come out. the department of justice does have about 60 days to file that appeal. reporting live in san francisco, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> freedom may be very near for
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33 miners who have endured 69 days underground. let's look at what's happening at that mine. these are live pictures. a capsule will hoist the miners nearly half a mile through the rock one by one starting just about two or three hours from now. it's more than one hour ago there were cheers as they lowered the empty capsule for a test. it's expected to take about 20 minutes to bring each man to the surface in this tight- fitting steel tube. >> the whole world is going to share this joy of these 33 miners and the 33 million chilians. we're going to have an unforgettable night. >> it could take as long as 36 hours to pull all 33 miners to the surface. they'll be reunited with their families before being take ton the hospital for a physical
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evaluation. facing off in their third and final debate. it's going on right now. mike is there with a live report. >> reporter: protesters specifically, those folks who support candidate from the smaller parties. more wells as the green party candidate for governor. >> when the independent parties are not at the table, california is not at the table. >> what i did is i came to the debate. >> reporter: hauled away by security. her supporters say she was not allowed because of her lack of support in the polls. >> it's billed as a green debate. >> we're moving the discussion about what it's going to take to fix california. laura is the only candidate who's willing to talk about proposition 13, that's the elephant in the room. >> reporter: protesters were
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happening right outside. for some students here at dominican, it's a big deal. >> more people are undecided at the last minute as we're approaching the three-week mark to the debate. a lot of people, myself included, are torn. we're looking for a direction one way or the other. >> reporter: the debate is on going. we'll have a full wrap tonight on the 10:00 news. the north bay and east bay hills are under a red flag fire warning following another day of 90-degree temperatures. crews say this time of year is california's most dangerous time of year for wild fires. called in an extra wild fire engine and crews just in case. our chief meteorologist will be along in a few minutes with your complete bay area
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forecast. marking a major step forward in cleaning up the neighborhood shattered by last month's gas explosion. they scooped up the last of the debris today. more than 700 0-tons of wreckage has been removed. the council will consider measures to expedite the rebuilding process including a waiver of building fees, but summaries dents are skeptical. >> i don't know we can build until we know that's gone. would you come back and build next to a bomb? that's literally what it is. it's another ticking time bomb. >> pg and e has launched plans to modernize its systems. it took pg and e one hour and 45 minute toss close manual shut-off valves on the ones that exploded. click the link when you get to our homepage six bay area families with
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a place to stay after their apartments were destroyed or damaged by fire. the fire at the village at parks view apartment complex in antioch was reported just before 4:00 this morning. fire crews say a gas line broke during fire which helped fuel the flames. four apartments were destroyed, two others had major damage. there's no indication the cause is suspicious. a first-ever bay area water taxi service has received a go- ahead from the port commission. the service will operate from pier one and a half and the high street pier in san francisco. they'll serve destinations where ferries already go. they plan to launch the the service in the next 2-3 months. it will cost about the same as
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a ground taxi. allied recycling has been cleared to inspect those vessels considered to be the first step in securing a a contract. they're due to be removed by 2017 due to toxins leaking into the water. a grief-stricken family hopes a new traffic light will make traffic safer. 11-year-old yolanda williams was crossing on her way last year when she was killed by a hit and run driver. her mother and other family members unveiled the traffic signal today in an emotional ceremony. >> we want to make sure no other child has to lose their life like my niece did. >> investigators say the hit
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and run driver was going around a stopped bus when she was hit in the crosswalk. a study by the rem corporation suggests 3% of mexico's total marijuana exports are sold here in california. they prefer to grow their own or buy marijuana that's been grown locally. if 19 passes and it's legalized, there won't be much of an affect on mexican drug cartels because they don't do much business here. meanwhile, support for prop 19. sensible regulation of marijuana is good for patients and communities. the no on 19 campaign disagrees saying legalized marrowy will make roads, workplaces, and communities unsafe. they include a number of public safety organizations. prop 21 is being closely watched around the nation looking for ways to keep their
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parks open. california would pay an $18 surcharge for motor vehicle registration. it would help eliminate parking and entrance fees at all state parks and beaches. the initiative could raise $500 million a year for state wild parks. the executive director of diablo is a supporter. >> it's been dramatically underfunded by the state legislature allowing a huge asset for the state of california to go into decay. >> we think they should be budgeted as part of the stage budget process and not have a specific tax dedicated just toward that expenditure. >> state officials say if the measure passes, about $200 million currently spent on parks would be freed up for other uses. health care workers walk off the job. the impact on surgeries. talk about a hot ticket.
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celebrate the play off with tickets brokers anticipate their own homerun when the phillies come to town. it's going to be hot again tomorrow. we'll have the forecast. i'll show you which cities are going to be the hottest.
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first responders on how to train on accidents. focusing on its new volt which goes on sale next year. training included how to shut off the electric power and how to free someone trapped inside. it plans to offer the training to first responders across the country. dozens of teachers showed up at the school board meeting
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this evening to air their concerns about tensions but they started making their voices heard earlier. they say the system is unfair and they accuse the district of underfunding their retirement plan for almost 17 years. back then, they were reclassified as para- professionals and moved into a plan that has uneven and lower payouts. they want to be compensated retro actively. nurses in oakland walked off the job today. this is the first day of a scheduled three-day strike. how patient care is being affected. >> nurses from children's hospital and research center oakland are walking the picket line over health care benefits. he sympathizes with the nurses. >> it's like first string or second string in football. it's not getting the best of what the the hospital has to
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offer. >> reporter: martha has been an oncology nurse for 28 years and had no choice but to walk out. >> it's a difficult decision for nurses to decide to strike and we only do it when we're pushed as far as we have been by our employer. >> reporter: nurses say the hospital wants to charge them $4000 a year for health benefits. the hospital says with the current economy, it needs to control costs. the strikes force the the hospital to cut the number of scheduled surgeries in half, delaying elective procedures but still operating on emergency patients. >> our leadership team went through the schedule and reviewed what children need to have their surgery done during this time and that's who we're focused on. >> reporter: our cameras were granted exclusive access. we found the williams family. ty williams says the strike hasn't affected his family's
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care. >> they called to see if i wanted to reschedule, and i said no problem. >> reporter: no plans for nurses and administrators to meet up again at the bargaining table. a team of biologists is investigating what's killing dozens of sea gulls in san francisco. scattered around a strip of land near pier 94. infectious disease, rat poison, and oiled feathers. the death may be a result of industries near by. fighting eviction for themselves and a number of wild animals. the urban wildlife center hopes an appeal will buy them time. they want the home back so her
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disabled mother can move in. the center has been open for 7 years now. third quarter net profits were up almost 60 % compared to the same period last year. that beat analysts expectations. intel makes 80% of the chips that run computers around the world. on now to wall street, stocks moved higher on news that the federal reserve may take more action to stimulate the economy. apple hit a new high as it approached $300 a share. the i-pad will be available on the shelves of the world's largest retailer by the end of the week. wal-mart will sell at select stores on friday and at more than 2300 stores by mid- november in time for holiday
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shopping. prices start at $499. the san francisco giants are playing for a chance to go to the world series. the national league championship series will begin with two games in philadelphia. game three and four will be back at att park as will gave 5 if necessary. tickets are available if you have the money. >> reporter: after a stomach- churning, floor-pacing journey, the players get a quick break before the start of the league championship series against the phillies. the serie s sold out. >> it's been a very -- i mean, i think it's personalities and i think the community is ready for a winner. >> reporter: to get tickets, many fans will turn to online
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ticket agencies including stub hub. >> we saw demand spike up quite a bit on stub hub. both tickets are the top two keywords on the site. >> reporter: online someone is selling two tickets here for $9999. from here i think i can see home plate, sort of. that's the extreme price. the average cost on stub hub is about $250 per ticket. this family isn't planning on going to any games, but they came to the store to stock up. >> we got caps and shirts. we dropped some cash. >> reporter: as if it isn't tough enough or expensive enough to get tickets, that may seem like nothing compared to the next step -- the world series. the rose bowl will be
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getting a multimillion dollar makeover approved by the city council. the granddaddy of the ball games has played there every year and it's the home field for ucla. the $152 million facelift will include more luxury seating and a score board including more restrooms and concession stands. the tournament of roses will extend their leases at the 88- year-old stadium for another 30 years. construction is expected to be complete in time for the 100 th rose bowl game in 2014. a program utilizing school to on hard to get fresh produce is back and better than ever. and where to expect the hottest weather tomorrow around the bay area. if there's no tv near by, you can watch bay area news at 7:00 on your computer. we're streaming live on the web.
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man: empty nest? new kitchen, new us? woman: who are we? chic, modern, daring dinner-party hosts. that sounds dangerous, maybe we're more the traditional sunday brunch set?
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i'll expect slippers and a cocktail to be ready when i get home from work. point taken. how about... peaceful, quiet cottage in the country folk? now that's us. spend over 2500 dollars on a new kitchen and save 40 percent on custom countertops until november 28th at ikea. the life improvement store. the hot weather has declared a spare the air. smog and pollution will reach unhealthy levels in most of the bay area. they're calling on people to drive less and there's a ban on wood burning. it will be the second for the
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week. >> we are looking at a red flag warning tonight and again into tomorrow night. those air quality us uh issues, less wind means lesser air quality. san jose83. 80 in oakland. these were the numbers from today. 95 in santa rosa. you'll see those numbers right there. temperatures tomorrow will come up a couple of degrees in some places, down a little bit in others. especially along the coast. this time tomorrow night i'll have fog to show you. tomorrow will be a warm day. red flag warning, spare the air day, and a heat warning for the urban center around san
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francisco. it means it's going to be hot downtown san francisco. that red flag warning will go away around 6:00 a.m. 7 am tomorrow morning. we have wind gusts of up to 34 miles an hour. i expect those again tonight. that's above one thousand feet. daytime highs tomorrow, the reds are the 90s. a lot come in. today and tomorrow very similar. as we move into tomorrow night, the fog will start pushing the red back toward the hill. the 90s will start going inland and we'll see cooler modified temperatures going into the bay. by thursday the fog is back, temperatures come down, and the air quality gets better. one more day, that's your tomorrow. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday cooler. but not cold. i's a nice weekend, it's just not going to be as warm as it
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was this week. 92 in antioch. the air quality in the tri- valley area, those aren't good quality. the second thing you think about is the santa clara valley. the inversion gets caught down here in the hills. those are the areas to look out for. the five-day forecast. a hot one tomorrow and then things start to cool down as we go into the latter part of the week. back to school this fall also means going to the market for some students. the oakland fresh program means produce available in areas where people don't otherwise have the opportunity to grow healthy food. other healthy foods on the campuses of public schools. a dozen schools are participating. the produce market is a program of the oakland district and the asian youth center. that's our report for tonight.
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our coverage continues online at tmz is up next right here on tv 36. good night. ocooer feoel cort eeit t totr r
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